a naked slave girl is strapped down and restrained on a fucking machine and sexually broken into a pleasure slave to serve her mistress. A fresh slave sometimes needs the little extra treatment. Her Mistress was very specific - as our customers usually are - here at the Treatment Center! The place to break your brand-new slaves in! We offer unique conditioning programs for the busy Mistress, with reasonable prices thanks to machine- assisted 24-hour brainfucking! Mistress booked her fresh pussy-meat the standard cycle of 1x week of machine-conditioning. She ll soon be another one of Her fun-toys to tease and play with. Susie Scott, once a freedwoman, had accumulated too much debt, and subsequently, was sold into slavery on Planet XX (or so the official story went). Now, she was her Mistress s new girl, her undisciplined, collared property, and soon would be made into her Mistress s plaything, her sex-toy. Without any prior experience in submissive servitude (and  attitude), her options were gravely limited to say the least: Rank 6-8 pleasure/punishment toys, chastity slaves


by kinkydept
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