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HEAVY BONDAGE II - Scenario 6 of 6
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bondage 2
In the making

here's the first Sneak-Peek of the next, upcoming volume! I'll add further previews collectively in this post.

What I know so far about HEAVY BONDAGE 2:
• some of its stories will be longer
• less scenarios than HB1 (which had 9) but instead there'll be more total pages

I guess, in retrospect, it might have been more fun to expand on some of the short stories in HB1, with a little less self-imposed restrictions. Now that I've lifted them to give each story a little more room it feels quite spicy when I look over the 44 pages so far (as of Oct 2).

'self-imposed restrictions' - Isn't that what bondage is all about?

What I do know already is that it is becoming deeper and more detailed, with more world-building in my kinky stories and reveal more of the sorry slaves and their intricate ordeals.

Oct 14:
As things look now, I'll have time to add one more story segment. Overall, that'll stack up to 6 unique stories but totaling (probably) 60 pages.

We can safely add the Femdom tag now - as the second and fourth scenarios play within the Queendom and is rather thick and driveling with worship and male submission! ;)

Estimated Release for HEAVY BONDAGE 2: ~Early Nov 2020
Tags: Lezdom, Femdom, pet girls, heavy rubber, serious restraints, Femdom, BDSM slavery, rubberdoll, dehumanizing, objectifying, body mod, amputation, chastity belt, bondage story, human pet, permanent bondage

last updated: 14.Oct, 2020
September Patreon finished
last updated: 25.Sept, 2020
Slave Girl
4 images
This time, no story, no background. Lazy week ;p

I always wanted to start with a boring normality, but then let some kinkiness bleed-through from our hidden world and into reality.

There were some temptations (though some I resisted!):

A before-after scenario was tempting, where she would slowly degenerate from left image to right, and gradually shed her layers and show us her inner self (as ugly or beautiful as it may be).

And it was totally her idea to get rid of her clothes! That's where I failed to resist, though I'm sure you won't mind? Yet so much for the original plan of just making one casual portrait...

The empty book cover she's reading: I felt there wasn't enough room to make it readable so I left it up to the imagination (but, guessing by her chastity belt, it's probably a very kinky book?).

Music listened to:
Instead of a story, while I was 'working her'...wait...while I brought her to life--I listened to my ever-endless playlist and found two forgotten tracks in my rather old playlist (with 650 hours length):

Gang Starr - What You Want This Time [Oldschool hiphop]

Asgeir Trausti - Nyfallio regn [Islandic, Rock]
Tags: homewear, casual slave girl, bdsm lifestyle, female chastity belt, collared, bald girl

last updated: 5.Aug, 2020
July Patreon finished
last updated: 30.July, 2020
July Update

Right now, I'm reading my old stuff again, this time: 'Femdom Bedroom' (which was my second novel). Browsing over my previous creations helps a great deal at refining my story-telling skills, as you can imagine. A few minor grammar errors (relicts from editing) here and there, but mostly easy-reading material already, and very sexy scenarios. And yet, there were smaller details I couldn't remember anymore (after 1 year) and what happens when (which is obviously great for re-reading).

I'm still in cool-down mode now, aka vacation, or unpaid leave if you're self-employed—it's summer after all. I had two intense and productive months in May and June when I created 'Heavy Bondage 1'. For something creative, it's even a bit too fast but I'm super-happy with the result when I look at it now, after a one-week break.

Meanwhile, I had scribbled down a draft for a freebie comic about a slave facility that's processing males. I'm also letting the rough outlines for the next 'Heavy Bondage 2' form in my head—without much pressure—as two months per project makes life a lot easier; creating it in smaller chunks was always a goal of mine for some projects. 'Slave Unit' took 5 months +2 extra to finish and that takes a lot of energy and patience, particularly the re-writing, and re-writing, and re-writing.

With 'Heavy Bondage 1', I sort of approached a new mixed medium: large high-rez BDSM illustrations merged with kinky short stories. (I mean who could say no to that?) As I was making the first Art book, I already knew a second and third would surely follow; only its length and page count began to grow more organically as I made them patiently one by one. And each story-length always grew out of hand, and me, out of pages.

I am considering adding some medical fetish in the next book(s), like casts and bandages, wheelchairs and diapers, asylum stuff. But, it could also turn out to deserve its own booklet—I honestly don't know yet; the whole creation process is always a bit mystical—with a mind of its own that you have to just follow—and I never know (and never knew) how the end results would ultimately look. It would've eased down some of that creator stress. Yet, each time, it's the same stressful cycle, and I suppose that's an occupational hazard as an artist.

So, what's the next booklet about? Most likely more of the same: heavy, tight, inescapable, you know, restricting stuff. Stuff you only dare to fantasize about—but too scary for the real world.

And that's it for now, fellow Goddesses, Owners, Mistresses, Masters, pets, and owned property!

last updated: 21.July, 2020
Heavy bondage
Art Book 1

it's finally released, after 2 months of sweat, perseverance, and a bit of fun!

I'm getting naughtier and naughtier, I fear, and this is going to be an interesting journey I started on with the Bondage Art Books.

Not all candidates made it into the first release and there were a few tough choices, but more booklets are coming your way this cursed 2020 year.

Tags: bodymod, human-furniture, pet-play, serious-bdsm, lezdom n femdom, slavery, bondage illustration

last updated: 10.July, 2020
Art Book 1
In the making
working on the 'Slave Unit' kind of helped me hone in with my kinky senses and doing big detailed artwork was what made me make the detour (from comics) in the first place.

As far as I've currently planned it, every page will be a different scene, from heavy-rubber bondage to slave-storage to--at times--permanent, life-changing (and enlightening) restraints.

The first finished artwork (Page 1) will be a freebie, while the others can be found in a neatly polished PDF soon, somewhere around July.

UPDATE: Things looking good for July and the next preview will be from the fully-finished slave box (a freebie like the doggirl).

Tags: pet girl, heavy rubber, heavy restraints, dehumanizing, objectifying, body modification, chastity belt, human sex toy, piercings, mistress, femdom

last updated: 8.July, 2020
Runaway / Petrified
two pages

At first, I wanted to just do one illustration, but it quickly became evident that seeing some moss growing on her stone skin (and aging) would be much more satisfying.

I usually like to do something completely different after (or in between) a long and kinky project. The idea for this came from listening to the LotR Audiobook (again and again, each year) when Aragorn and the four little hobbits came to the petrified troll statues again (after Bilbo came by in The Hobbit).

Then I had to add some slight 'The Expanse' crystalization and the rest was happening with a life of its own--and without knowing where it would lead, like the background or the story--that kind of happens in the process.

Tags: Petrified, turned to stone, objectification, female statue, turned into statue, escaped slave girl, free bdsm comic

last updated: 28.April, 2020
an illustrated BDSM Novel


A freedwoman on Planet XX bought herself an old automated enslavement chamber, and she decides to realize her submissive dreams.

If she can repair it, she'll have full control over its ancient programs. How far is she willing to go with her submissive tendencies and will she commit to a full month of self-enslavement?

Born as a man, she always tried to fit-in in this matriarchal society. But now that she has completed her surgery, she has fully become a woman and doesn't have to hide her little secret any longer.

Meanwhile, she tries to live a normal kinky life on this female-dominated planet...

As a slavish multi-course dinner, this novel will feature:


Additional fetishes: breast milk, sensory deprivation, anal stretching, steel ballet heels, milkmaid, conditioning, nipple-shields, piercings, bald slave girls, collared, captivity, foot worship, slave journey, punished, consensual, assault, tease and denial, pussy punishment...

Update: v1.01 contains minor grammar fixes and improvements, nothing you'll probably notice.

Author's note: I tried to give the story a more solid foundation, some heart and warmth and comfort, while still diving deep into heavy BDSM. As my 5th creation, this slave novel will shed more light on the Empire's slave culture and its kinky day-to-day life in the city (after Fetish Ballerina's glimpses). There are a few cross-references to my Short-Comics and Stories within, while the whole 200k word novel will feature illustrations to spice things up as usual. ;)

Additional Sneek peak:

Tags: Planet XX, fucking machine, self-enslavement, submissive woman, slave society, dog girl, milk slave, heavy slave gear, ballet heels, self-bondage, enslaved by machine, Scifi BDSM, Lezdom, futuristic, slave training room, consensual, illustrated bondage novel, bdsm story, sex reassignment surgery (m to f).

last updated: 14.May, 2020
Virus Killer
one image

here's a virus-induced brain-fart for you. :P

Initially, I tried some traditional lab coloring but that didn't look so great.

Just a short 2-day creative quicky (break) while I'm continuously working on my #5 Project 'SLAVE UNIT' since November. Work is going smoothly and it's only a matter of week(s) before it's ready to be read!

Tags: medical fetish, sexy nurse, PPE, latex, shiny, gaskmask, fully encased, raincoat, rubber bondage

last updated: 23.March, 2020
Reskin Gold
one image
This is for the new

The vacuum bondage (with pink latex) has turned into rigid gold. I think its snug down there...

(-->original pink latex)

This little bonus feature is available for existing artworks including all my Shop items and gets chosen by a monthly poll you can vote on later .

The suggestion thread for the February RESKINS has opened...

These 'Reskins' will stay patreon-exclusive and all 3$ patreons will have access to this year's Reskins.

While this one here is for free. ;)

I had to find a balance between my big, month-long projects for my shop, the freebies I constantly make, and the patreon-extras on top. Patreon won't give me much beer money, but if there's an interest, I shall provide it. My shop is still my main source of income to make a modest living as a bondage artist.

Tags: forniphilia, steel bondage, vacuum bed, slave storage, encasement

last updated: 15.January, 2020
3 Years
one image
Sometimes I feel like becoming a villain with evil superpowers when I look back at what I've been up to the last three years! =D

Most of my creations, slaves, pets, toys, and victims have turned up for the totally voluntary party!

Tags: multiple slave girls and mistresses, a lot of slaves, collared girls, mistress party, bdsm orgie, big artwork, background image, sexy bondage

last updated: 1.January, 2020
In the Dungeon
two images
I tried to honor 'the bondage'. It's hard to exactly put the finger on it. Some scenes become, in a way, absolute?

I could write you a whole story about that poor slave girl. Only late did I notice it could also play in ancient times, some roman or Gorean slavery setting -- but, I'm swamped and someone has to finish that 'Slave-Unit' novel and its artwork in the next month ...

It took me around 3-4 days, instead of the planned 2 days, but the result feels -- yeah, satisfying! I'll try and do a Making-of about it soon, as I've decided to make the 2$ patreon tier free. I'll post them here together with the regular, finished artwork soon, instead of on Patreon.

This one was also the Patreon poll Winner for October. Though I'm in the process of revamping the Patreon goals and its new features will be finished around mid-December.

Tags: ancient slaves, roman slavery, gorean artwork, bdsm artwork, strappado, steel bondage, handcuffs, dungeon, punished, whipped, bald, pierced, multiple slaves, many slave girls, waiting for master, collared

last updated: 28.November, 2019
Control Unit
one image
Just an abstraction of life - or various sexual intensities - who really knows?

Popped into my head, and I'd to put it down paper.
Tags: dark, meta, bdsm artwork

last updated: 14.November, 2019
Ballet Braces III
three pages
Turns out, I couldn't resist make more variants!

The 4th one on the right, the surgical variant, had been my initial idea, a ballet implant, very light-weight and invisible under everyday clothes... ;)

It has a sort-of Planet XX background, in case you were wondering about the lezdom, and the slave ranks, and the scifi tech and-so-forth. 'Slave Braces I' appear in 'Slave Jessica'.
Tags: ballet boots, ballet heel story, planet xx, foot binding, fetish heels, feet, toes, foot fetish

last updated: 21.October, 2019
Ballet Braces II
single image
I was thinking about something slim, some naughty foot braces that could be worn under clothes. At first, they were supposed to be merely a front and back steel-band that goes over the big toe, but instead I decided a more stable approach that would seem more realistic. When already worn, the slim strip of silicone padding isn't visible.

Patreon Poll Winner for August 2019 > Ballet steel braces, things are going to be very en pointe!

I might make another one with a few different variants--don't know yet. The original Ballet Boots (Slave Braces 1) can be
Tags: ballet boots, feet, ex-slave

last updated: 14.October, 2019
an 8 page short-comic

Poor Susie! Shaved head, shaved pussy, pierced nose, and a thick golden collar around her neck. Her new Mistress will receive a brand-new pleasure slave for her bed-chambers.

For the 2$ patrons there are some work-in-progress variations available and some unfinished renders that didn't make it into the final 8-page comic, together with a glimpse in my creative process and how the idea grew.

I'm switching between freebies, like this one, and month-long paid projects for my Shop. So if you like to show your appreciation, have a look over there and enjoy!

Tags: Planet XX, Lezdom, fucking machine, machine sex, conditioning, forced orgasm, orgasm denial, chastity corset, brainwashing, slave breaking, bald slave girl, pierced, milking, breast milk, scifi bondage story, erotic fiction

last updated: 16.September, 2019
Slave Annie, hogtied
Single image

Annie must really love her tight rubber restraints!

Two years ago, when I started out as an artist 'Slave Annie' was my first comic. Making this piece here was a fun journey back down the memory lane, and I was curious how things would turn out - that's why I put it up for a vote on Patreon (though I would've been more curious about my other options: Liquid metal, or Jessica's steel corset :p).

Sometimes it's a struggle, but when I look at my finished artwork, all that hard work and doubt vanishes and it all was worth it.

Tags: lezdom, lesbian bondage, sadistic mistress, rubber bondage, bdsm relationship, bdsm artwork, scifi, steel sarcophagus, metal bondage, heels, feet, tit torture, chained, gagged, female sub, casual mistress, black latex dress, painfully tight hogtie

last updated: 27.August, 2019
Female Serial Killer
Single image

And now for something completely different...

That's some tight bondage! She was supposed to wear a white hokey mask, you know, serial killer and all, but I think it's already scary enough. :D

I made this one more as a fun thing on the side. something dark, and I didn't know how far it'd be going...

Tags: scary femdom, psycho mistress, knife play, kidnapped man, exam chair, heavy bondage, chained, femdom artwork, dark bdsm, kidnapped role-play, serious mistress

last updated: 19.August, 2019
Vacuum Bondage
8-page Short Comic

Hyperspace travel can be dangerous, when you're accidentally put in the slave class...


For the 2$ patrons there are some work-in-progress variations available and some unfinished renders that didn't make into the final comic.

The pink vacuum bed image was more of an accident. After finishing the 3D model, this one was the first texture transparency test. When I saved a raw render preview to post later for my 2$ patreons, I realized its potential and luckily finished it in Photoshop.

I'm switching between freebies, like this one, and month-long paid projects for my Shop. So if you like to show your appreciation, have a look over there and enjoy!

Tags: vacuum bed, vacbed, rubber goo, encasement, mummification, insertation, forniphilia, human furniture, caged girl, boxed girl, slave in cage, packaging fetish, latex fetish, heavy bondage, female solo, sex machine, sex robots, rubberdoll, bdsm comic, vacuum hentai, latex comic, rubber comic, kinky comic, bondage comic

last updated: 13.August, 2019
"Femdom Bedroom"
An illustrated Femdom Story

While cheating, a poor husband gets enslaved by some random sisters, and they are evil! Oh noes!

The wicked sisters, Eva & Mona, are on the hunt again, and they're looking for a male pet. To take it, and break it, and make it into their new, intimate pussy-slave!

Additional freebies
A sexy Mistress demands her daily foot worship, femdom fiction story close up of a cruel male chastity device, slave tattoo above dick, golden piercings, long toes foot fetish slave fucked up, quad amputation, amputee, no arms, Mistress mona takes care of her adult baby, diapers, femdom fiction artwork

Why is it not on Amazon?
Because I would only get a 35% cut. I'd loose 65% and would still have to promote it myself. That means I would've to sell it for 43$ to make even, which is not very author or customer-friendly, is it.
Genre: enslaved by women, male chastity, forced feminization, male POV, anti-erection training, dominance and submission, chained and imprisoned, NC (non-cons), pegging (fucked by Mistress), foot fetish & worship, humiliated by women, pussy slave, objectification, forniphilia, rubberdoll, human sex toy

last updated: 5.August, 2019
The Vault
A 3-page Short-Comic:
There're two versions with identical artwork, but different text:

'Gentle' is the lesbian bondage scenario with the trusted girlfriend...

'Hard' is the kidnapped and enslaved version, by the boyfriend's crazy ex-girlfriend!!2omg

Additionally there are 3 image-extracts, without any annoying text.Initially it should've been 1 image only: the poor sub, all chained up, and the heavy vault door closing... ;)
Genre: metal bondage, heavy bdsm, thick steel chains, lesbian bondage, lezdom, steel gag, steel dildos, 'chastity belt', kidnapped, abducted, imprisoned, female prisoner, feet, encased, damsel.

last updated: 12.April, 2019
Slave Nina's dance career, and her first-hand account of the ordeal, as she becomes a radically new ballerina. Craving a deep submissive desire of ownership, she offers herself up as a contract slave on Planet XX...[continue]

This story had been available for free, for a short period of time, and is now back into the vault. You can get it in my SHOP→

Genre: BDSM Story, Lesbian, Mistress, Worship, Bodymod, Silenced, Long-term bondage, 24/7, Perma-gag, Contract Slave, Personal Assistant, Waist-training, Fucking Machine, Forced Orgasm, Amputation, Scifi

last updated: 1.May, 2019
Limp Dick Galore
various male chastity
Six poor slave dicks (more or less), locked-up in various cruel chastity devices.
I thought I had some fun playing around with male chastity devices, and with the tiniest of stories for each one. :]

Spiked Chastity Device, Castrated stubby penis, Steel Dick, Metal Cock, Training Cage, Nullified Slave

The first one has a reverse prince albert piercing. It goes through the front of the head (instead of the back, where the frenum is).
Genre: Male chastity, orgasm denial, male slave, femdom, castrated, nullified, noorgasm, anti-erection devices, CBT, genital piercings

last updated: 31.March, 2019
March Quicky
Cast in Resin
Ice Cubes anyone?...I'm ready for summer!

A short-term storage, I'm joking--it's long term! :p

This piece was done in just 2 days; nothing really resi(n)sted, as you'd usually expect. I like how the glass transparency worked out, so smooooth, while those poor slaves stare out in horror!

I don't plan on making a comic from this; maybe a short story, but first I have to finish 'Slave Nina: Fetish Ballerina'.

Genre: Slavery, Encasement, Epoxy, Resin, Inflated, Enema, swollen belly

last updated: 11.March, 2019
Feb/Mar Written Story
Slave Nina:
Slave Nina's dance career, and her first-hand account of the ordeal, as she becomes a radically new ballerina. Craving a deep submissive helplessness, as she offered herself up again, as a contract slave on Planet XX...

A serious lesbian body-mod story, about heavy bondage, total submission, and obey and endure...

I'm just finishing the written story (as opposed to a Comic or Short-Story) for this poor slave. It's going to be a long one,and it should be finished around Mid-March.

It'll give a lot of insights into Planet XX's society, hierarchy, and a slave's life...

Genre: Slavery, Slave POV, Body Mod, Amputation, Piercings, Ballet boots, Nipple/Tongue/Anal Stretching, Waist/Foot/Arm Reduction, Machine Sex, Slave with Servant

last updated: 4.March, 2019
January Short-Comic
4-Page Short-Comic

Where do the bad slaves go on Planet XX?

Another short Kinky Comic. This time it's all about heavy bondage, slave breaking, and punishment!
Genre: Heavy Bondage, Encasement, Slavery, Punishment

last updated: 27.January, 2019
They cover various different genres. Though, they all play on Planet XX. The first one explores some forniphilia with force-feeding of mistress's piss and basically becoming her mobile human toilet.
The second erotic short story explains the origin of the mysterious slave milk, transforming human slaves into human latex plants, mind control,lactation, and the harvesting of a valuable aphrodisiac.
The third 'x-mas' story is about revenge between two sisters, with a little bit of incest, and her subsequent submission and transformation into a human dog girl. Lezdom, forced orgasm, cliterectomy and humiliating pet play.
Genre: Femdom, Lesbian, Pet Play, Latex fetish, Human Toilet, Piss force feeding, Pussy aphrodisiac, Rubber transformation

last updated: 23.December 2018
When CAPTAIN JIM tried to trade illegal goods on Planet XX, he accidentally crash-landed on the surface. Waking up dazed, he found himself in some sort of biomedical clinic! Restrained by a strange-looking liquid rubber, his body began to feel oddly weird...

What he doesn't know yet: The alien traditions on this Planet are highly 'different' than any other planet he has ever visited before! It'll take some time to adjust to this matriarchal 'culture'.

The owner of the Clinic, a cheerful MISTRESS XENIA, is about to welcome her sleeping patient to his her new life...
This story will play before Comic #1, when Mistress Annie was still part of the Mistress Caste and wildly in love with Mistress Xenia, who just bought a fresh male slave for her medical clinic - to be transformed and trained into a chaste female house slave.

Genre: Femdom, Chastity, Scifi, Bondage, Slavery, Sissy

ISSUE 1 released!
  • 16 Full Color Pages
  • 19 Pages total, incl. Cover
  • 2 versions:
    DRM-free-PDF (recommended)
    or Kindle .mobi
  • This version has additional bonus material as a "thank you" to my supporters!
  • Intro-Story of Planet XX
  • Background-Story and Pin-Up
    of ANNIE (uncensored Vers. of the Cover Page)
  • Background-Story and Pin-Up
    of XENIA
  • Background-Story
    of Dog Girl Lucy

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