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Latest Release: SLAVE UNIFORMS I
8.July, 2024, Currently working on:
Irresistible Slaves I - IMG 8 - 3x slave girls on a leash (final)
[Permalock #2] Femdom Comic / Divorce Chair: Page 6, paused in the meantime.
Selection of
Slaves I
six preview pages
Update, 8.July: Added preview page 6.

Update, 26.June: Added preview page 5.

Update, 5.June: Added preview page 4.

Update, 17.May: Added preview page 3.

Update, 11.Apr: Added preview page 2.

I'm trying, for a change, a more simplistic scope. I'll probably fail at this again and overdo it with too much story or detailed background (Update, Mar/21: Yep!; and again at IMG7). Still, the scope will be basic slavery with simple backgrounds coupled with a display of hard Femdom, concerning Mistresses and slaves (male and female slaves). This image is the first of 9 (or so) slavery images to form issue #1. (Update, 8.July: Of the originally planned 9-10 images, I've reduced it to 8 scenarios since most scenarios have received detailed descriptions, and the pony cage scenario has even become a short story.)

In future issues, I might explore more exotic topics like bodymod/amp, pets, ponies!, you know... the really hot stuff, once I get deeper into the setting of more traditional chains, piercings, and brandings.

Beside #92 waits her boyfriend who has the pleasure of wearing the same fancy slave outfit. In the same fashion, something similiarly important has been cut away by his new and very strict Mistress.

Overall, 'Irresistible Slaves I' will likely contain a mix of slave boys and girls, but all are dominated, played with, and owned by women. I feel like there isn't enough good femdom slavery art out there!

Tags: slavery, enslaved, bald slave girl, slave barcode, slave tattoo, slave branding, chipped slave girl, heavy chains bondage, steel bondage, bdsm slavery artwork, ball and chains bondage, forehead barcode, shackled and chained slave girl, whipmarks on thighs, welts on inner thigh from caning, bad slave girl in serious bondage

last updated: 8.July, 2024
Ballet boots
one page
So what do I do to chill, after work? Building naughty stuff! ;)
I find it quite relaxing to experiment and play around (if I'm not too overworked). If you have questions about the thermoplastic and how to work with it, I can elaborate on it as I've probably worked over half a year with this stuff now. (I'm more used to working with metal.)

What else have I build and played around with?
o A pony head harness made out of black thermoplastic that's more of a helmet-feeling, with big blinkers, and a custom (and fun) bit gag.
o A ballet boot mold/bed boots (without the heel). Once finished, it will encase my feet like thick ski boots but with an exact silicone rubber mold of my feet in ballet pose (not designed for walking, just for suffering).

Tags: foot bondage, bound feet, medical bracers, leg cast, ballet boot design, diy bondage gear, homebuilt bdsm gear, ballet boots for kinky crafters

last updated: 31.Jan, 2024
Chastity Corset
Eleven pages
Update, 31.Jan: Added page 11.

Update, 23.Dec: Added page 10.

A free short comic - I haven't done comics in a while - though, I've done a chastity corset before. There aren't many chasti permalock pictures or drawings out there either, to my surprise. This one will be should've been a short one so I hope you'll enjoy Sam's predicament!

Mid-AFTERWORD (around page 8)
And that's it for now, fellow Permalock fans, as I switch to a new kinky topic that needs my attention. Everything about Sam's masochistic tendencies has been revealed and I hope you'll enjoy the re-reading value, now that you know all her devices' hidden and mischievous features!

When I started with this fun comic, I hadn't planned to make it nanite-based chastity tech. But the process of discovery (when creating) had other things in mind...

That Permalock angle came pretty late, around page 1 at the layouting when I already had the four images of the page ready. That's when it was time to add the dialogue, story details, and backstory. I don't know if I would have used the same 'basic' design for nanotech; yet, when thinking about it now I can't imagine an alternative version--a change of texture or color, yes, but not its shape.

That mirror in Sam's bedroom tormented me more than was good. My initial plan to work with a separate foreground (Sam) and background (her room), and my wishful expectations, went up into a puff of hot smoke, or, when a bad plan meets reality. The light wouldn't have worked out well, so, had to make it as a whole scene (which was more work than planned). Amusingly, the mirror shots that seemed most realistic were actually merged later on in Photoshop, e.g. Page-2/panel-1, page-4/panel-1.

What was clear from the get-go: a woman would wake up in her familiar four walls--to create contrast between the kink and the ordinary reality--and possibly make it 1-2 pages.

The dialogue is kept minimalist to give the imagination more room to drift and interpret however one pleases. Sam's fancy steel ballet boots and corset also needed some intimate understanding of how they work, how they feel, and how they psychologically affect the wearer. And like quicksand, they pull one down into something spicy and completely new; and in Sam's case, without possible escape and sexual release.

Instead of an office scene, for page 6, I played with the idea of having Sam sweaty and struggling on her own bed--humping her favorite pillow and accidentally (or intentionally) pressing her remote in the process. After a horrible hour or two, she'd lie beaten with her new slave outfit between her messy sheets--the moment when her burning hunger and sexual frustration had lost the battle against her body's stamina. It's the point when you give up and cry a little, when the cruel device had won. Then you pick yourself up and go about your day before the unfulfilled urge overcomes you again eventually, later on.

PS: My favorite pages are probably 1+3, and I also love how the remote detail shot turned out!

Tags: BDSM chaste comic, female chastity corset, permanent steel outfit, bondage comic, permanent chastity, steel encasement bondage, BDSM slave girl, chastity hentai drawing, steel ballet shoes, enslavement fantasy, long-term orgasm denial, waking up in bondage

last updated: 12.Feb, 2024
Sub Fashion 1
7 Pages
Update, December 5: Added Reskin 1

Update, April 12: Added Page 2, 3, and 4


Proper office attire for subs. ;)

Originally, I had a simpler pinup idea in mind--nothing as sophisticated as this. I still have to try again in the future, I guess.

Good thing I reconsidered the lighting and changed the studio light to sunlight--looks better. ;)

Apparently, I had forgotten about her skin-colored stockings. :x I didn't want to show the black latex gloves with the rubber outfit, but, since she already wore them with her business attire, it transitions way better.

Tags: submissive outfit, kinky slave outfit, bondage under clothes, BDSM slave girl, collared and owned, nipple piercing shields, steel chastity belt, steel corset, shiny ballet boots, steel bondage, see-through latex clothes, rubber fashion

last updated: 5.Dec, 2023
Closed Patreon
After 3 years (or so), I've finally closed down my Patreon page. Instead, I'll focus on freebies for everyone--like the recent Page 9 for the Chastity Corset Comic.

For almost a year now, I have created freebies for everyone, since Slave Uniforms I came out. With the new project I'm working on (Permalock #2/Divorce chair), I still need to find the right balance--because I love making freebies. Switching kinky topics and exploring new ideas is probably the most fun for me--writing too!--but that, of course, interfered with my income. The Permalock #2 project crawls particularly slowly along (even though I'm a patient individual).

Patreon also wanted an age verification. As I don't have a current and valid passport (which should tell you already something about my age), I didn't want to go through the hassle of getting mine updated just-for-Patreon. So that was another reason. The third one is that freebies generate enough traffic for shop sales and do pay (in a way). Freebies also allow me to reach more potential readers and increase my reach.

Automation: In a year where everyone wants to sell their 5-min AI-generated images via subscription, I still feel the need to offer finished projects in my shop and to offer you something substantial and completed.

Not that I haven't submerged myself in it. I picked Stable Diffusion for this as it's the only free and unrestricted algorithm with the most customization available. I've pushed it to see what it can really do. I'm still left with a 50/50 impression: half impressed, half disappointed. I'll try and talk about Generative AI a little more if I find the time.

As polarizing as generative AI is, I might try to replace some of the backgrounds in my previous works and then post them as freebies. The trick seems to be to use it as another tool in one's toolbox as opposed to painting the whole canvas with it. The latter one feels more like a Google search, yet would never quite provide me with the exact result I had been looking for.

So...all hail our new digital overlords?!

Tags: Patreon, SD, free bdsm comics

last updated: 28.Nov, 2023
Permalock Comic 2
Project #10
4x images
Update: Added image 4: Nurse Chair for Staff
Update: Added image 3: Nurse in Divorce Chair
Update: Added image 2: Divorce Chair

I'm working on a Permalock comic.

The upper floors inside the Permalock building can be busy. One of the nurses you might recognize from the 'Sub Fashion' set. Her kinky outfits (when not doing a shift) weren't that far-fetched and are actually worn to work by her.

I also wish I could tell you 'It'll be done soon' but this is the start of the panel production, and I thought I share the very first panel of this series as it defines the quality standard for all future panels.

Page 0 (with which I came up during Page 1 creation) will give a glimpse into the nurses' locker room before the two lovely Permalock nurses start their shift. The characters and outfits are as good as finished, and the story script too. Which means it's time for the pages to finaly take shape and materialize!

I am trying to optimize and streamline my workflow and speed things up in this project, hopefully, without suffering any significant losses in quality. The more I work as a BDSM artist, the easier that balancing act becomes.

The nurses (or Mrs. Carter-Price's instructions) might have been a little overenthusiastic about the court ruling (and the husband's crown jewels *ouch!*).

Tags: permalock drawing, permalock bondage, femdom comic, cruel mistress, castrated husband, male-to-female transformation, permalock chastity pics, sexy nurses in heels, permalock nurse, elastrator for slave, catheter, cbt, mitten bondage, wheelchair bondage, restraint chair, medical bondage, cfnm mistress, rubber hood, enslaved by cruel wife

last updated: 27.October, 2023
4 Images+Story
Update 4: Added 6 story pages as JPG and alternatively as plain text in the story section.
Where do they put the dangerous slaves, those who committed inexcusable acts and are no longer domestic servant or sex-toy material?

Unsurprisingly, in a society that is built on slavery, the lower the caste, the greater the crime and its punishment.

And why work when you have willing slaves to do your bidding? That 7-point chain is nasty, and even too short to stand upright in.

Tags: BDSM slave girls imprisoned, bad slave girl, bald slave woman, multiple female prisoners, heavy steel bondage, metal restraints, serious bondage, casted iron restraints, encased in iron, slave prison punishment, slave with nose ring, nipple piercings, slave tattoo

last updated: 16.March, 2023
Rune-chained prisoner
Tags: Rubber fetish, steel bondage, female chain gang, Permalock full body rubber suit, pussy pierces shut, thick labia rings

last updated: 12.Jan, 2023
Rune-chained Prisoner
Happy holidays to you all! This setting is more my kind of X-mas theme. ;)

The good news is that once the chains catch a felon, they won't fall any deeper into the bottomless pit. The bad news is that the rune chains won't let go again, only winding tighter and tighter around any limb they can find...

This NSFW version was inspired by 'Duress' (a popular Magic: The Gathering card variant).

Tags: metal bondage, imprisoned slave girl, BDSM slave prison, chain bondage, tentacle chains, naked slave girl, eternal punishment, steel restraints, fucked by chains, shaved slave girl

last updated: 25.Dec, 2022
Three Mistresses
6th Anniversary
In autumn of 2016, I had this silly idea about creating kinky bondage comics... Eventually, I experimented with storytelling styles, from comics to illustrated novels to art books. And a lot has happened since.

It's already the 6th Anniversary of the KinkyDept so I thought I do something special about three familiar mistresses. This picture turned out quite differently than planned. The original idea was about three Mistresses sitting on a couch, all dressed up in red, fancy latex clothes. That's it.

A certain black/red iridescent couch didn't work out either. And eventually, I realized, a simple background would do this image some good, which also took a few creative turns. So, everything totally turned out as planned!

*** INSIGHTS Update:

Turning the 'Three Mistresses sitting on a couch' image into four illustrated pages wasn't exactly the plan--now I should let you know that there is a term for this pattern: it's the process of discovery and where the design or creation wants to go. As an artist, you have to learn to listen to that subconscious process.

I had wanted to place a few description boxes on the image, after the speech bubble/dialogue version. Writing it was fun though, but I was constantly pondering about how to find the room to make all that story text fit.

This artwork wasn't designed to fit together with 3.2k words of text in an illustrated book style. Consequently, this limits the quality of the layout somewhat and it feels sub-par to my usual standards (limited perspective and no borderless page artwork). Though, I am surprised how one high-res image can fill four pages nonetheless (I don't think I had tried that yet).

Now that the story has grown and some details have come out, it only feels like the beginning, offering mere glimpses into each slaves' and slave-owners' lives. I would've preferred a more visceral dialogue-driven short story but there would've been barely any room to tell you about all those peculiar control devices for slave-keeping.

Overall, I think the one-page artwork took me about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. Any further ideas about additional details I had to put on hold: like a wall of devices in the back with some of my thought-up fun toys from the past; also two or three naked and groveling slaves at the stairs... As you see creations are never finished, only abandoned.

I also should have homed in and started with my next kinky project by now--it's not for a lack of ideas... but pure indecisiveness.

* Dec 1st: Added alternative Cross High-Contrast version (Page 7)

Tags: multiple mistresses, femdom dream, female supremacy picture, women in power, dominant ruber outfits, branded BDSM slave, pussy licking station, objectification fetish, shiny boots, foot fetish worship, bald slave girl, fan bearer slave, BDSM utopia

last updated: 1.Dec, 2022
NASA Frame
One of the five Reskins I made for the 3$ Patreon Poll for Sep. The others are: red latex, and mesh variants in silver, blue, black/blue, blue/silver meshes. Currently, there are six months of reskins in the 3$ tier.

Why do I make Reskins variants?
To challenge myself. Often multiple good versions are coming up when working on the originals, then I have to make the tough choice of picking the best result. Well, it turns out there are multiple kinky variants hidden under the layers and with each Reskin I get a chance to revisit them and explore alternative versions. Also, the beer tips are appreciated!

With this one--the braided mesh auto-suits--I had some fun with additional dialogue and info and did more than usual because last month (Aug), the poll was on pause because of the slightly exhausting release of Slave Uniforms.

Tags: metal bondage suit, heavy bondage comic, encased in steel body, encasement bondage, long-term bondage, slave girl in steel bondage, kinky nasa challenge

last updated: 6.Nov, 2022

Human Cargo Frame
3-page short comic
Added PAGE 3

Another free short comic - gosh!

So, I got a NASA Job. Apparently, they need very kinky people to keep their cargo safely packaged away.

Jokes aside, I have to thank NASA at this point for their reference image (google NASA Helga and Zohar). I guess you just don't know if someone's into bondage - until you do.

This might turn into ~3 pages -- we'll see! Usually, I add more kinkiness to my creations (Thanks, cerebral secretions!), but I didn't want to overdo it and stay within the scope of NASA's 'accidental' bondage theme.

With the 3rd page released, this kinky NASA comic is finally finished. The pretty metallic-blue shine happened more accidentally when I was playing around like a silly toddler in the sandbox because that's when I deviated from the original plan and threw the blue cotton texture out the window. Though, I'm still contemplating if I should have added all those utility pockets the original mannequin from NASA has.

The next deviation from my bomb-proof plan was the scientists' white lab coat. It didn't last long before that was kinkified too. I aimed for a dapper and tidy look that would nicely fit to the tight-and-tied-down look of the blue mannequins.

It's all pretty normal (to my mind), nothing out of the ordinary, bondage-wise, so as not to completely derail this NASA train. Luckily, the tablet's screen offered me a slick solution to the otherwise standard bondage; with its Sci-Fi look, it's reasonably conservative for my mode of operation. And short comics don't leave much room to explain stuff via dialogue.

I love how completely objectified the faceless and silent woman strapped down on the frame turned out. From the start, she had no way of complaining or communicating--or begging. Through some nifty bondage (I might say), her individuality has been taken away and she's become, with all the others, valuable goods in a ship's cargo hold.

There it is. I managed to do a piece without slavery! No collar (only a cervical neck brace, which barely counts), no cages, no piercings... I can only wonder what broken shape will re-emerge from that smart-suit after 3 long years...

Tags: heavy bondage comic, BDSM comic, ballet heels, kinky NASA mannequin, bondage mittens, encasement bondage, shiny bodysuit, lycra bondage, neck brace

last updated: 22.Sep, 2022
1. The Early Days of Planet XX
Adam and his Wife
200 years ago, a revolution was happening, and the submissive Adam finds himself right in the middle: his wife is about to lease him out for an entire year and turn him into a legally owned slave...
Femdom Ff/m slavery m-chastity Kinky-Society serious cfnm feet anal pet-transformation imprisoned human-Toilet castration amputation scat (briefly)
Bondage Art Book
Slave Uniforms 1

My 9th release. It only took 10 months - Phew!

And polishing it took longer than expected but I hope you'll appreciate the extra pages. Particularly Ch.4, Stocks + Fetters System, which was supposed to be a short chapter, turned into 12 full pages filled with large illustrations, a shop UI, many smaller illustrations of slave devices, and on top of that, additional background information.

Tags: bondage uniforms, bondage drawing, submissive outfits, BDSM visual novel, BDSM slave girl, golden chastity belt, BDSM enslavement, chained slave girls, illustrated bondage book, from the kinky department (more topic tags on shop page)

last updated: 28.June, 2022
Kinky Bondage Book Summer Sale 2022
Ended: 15.July, 2022
Slave Uniforms
Early pages
The chapters:
  • Ch.1: Pleasure Slave + Runaway slave (6 pages )
  • bald, amp, pierced+inked, corset, punishment frame

  • Ch.2: Slave Concubine (23 pages)
  • long-term chastity, piercings, lesbian harem, short story

  • Ch.3: Orgasm Suit (13 pages)
  • forced orgasm, comfort slave, pleasure training, short story

  • Ch.4: Stocks & Fetters system (~12 Pages)
  • fettered slaves, field slaves, long-term steel bondage, bondage outfitter brocure, fitting process, artificial anus / rectal valve

    June, 20: Ch.4 finished!


Tags: bondage uniforms, bondage drawing, submissive outfits, BDSM visual novel, steel bondage, BDSM slave, golden chastity belt, BDSM enslavement, slave girls

last updated: 27.June, 2022
Patreon Reskin
of Slave Uniforms
When the Reskins are finished before the book...

In the book, they all are, of course, naked as slaves, and it's about slave #1 in front, showing the fitting process of the welded on stocks & fetters on her unblemished body.

Tags: bondage uniform, bondage drawing, submissive outfits, steel bondage, chained girls, BDSM enslavement, female chain gang

last updated: 24.May, 2022

Progress feels really slow as I'm diligently working on 'Slave Uniforms 1'. I started on the project around Aug/Sep (while also posting freebies in between). I thought my usual 4-5 months would work out again, but nope! Though, I'm really happy and proud about the quality and the end results. Hopefully, it will age well, once released, over the coming months and years in all those mysterious (and well-hidden) kinky collections...

There are still vague aspects in my writing that need sharpening and refining. Having given 'Ponies to Play 1' some well-deserved rest, I am reading it again now, and it has turned surprisingly intense (even though I've written it all and should know better, right?). Some late additions I had forgotten about and they were a positive surprise. By doing so, I'm also looking to improve on my past works. Sometimes scenes felt too long and wordy where I could have gotten to the point more quickly, and generally, written sharper.

Also, having not succumbed to any mental jumps in the future (when seeing everything from the pony's perspective) feels now even more tempting, i.e. once he gets his first chastity tube handed by the Countess (while riding together in her carriage to her stables) he didn't know it yet but after that faithful click around his best friend, he'd never be allowed to cum again by the Countess (at least, not in the pleasant sense).

When I write, it is very much written with re-readability in mind. It might be 30% more work but each time you'll understand more. The same happened with the pony story, i.e. from the athletic but mute pair, Biscuit&Gravy, to the weird hierarchy between the many stable girls and their day-to-day. Very slowly, Tom not only receives more insights, once he's occupying a pony stall himself, but you as well as the reader.

And regarding reading, I've also read some other femdom books and short stories (paid). It was fair to say that 80% were a big disappointment; either it was already over when it was getting interesting or the escalations or scenes didn't click and were generic or BDSM 'mainstream' (if I may say so). ;)

Initially, I had thought 'Slave Unit' had been my favorite idyllic-and-super-hedonistic bondage story. Turns out, the atmosphere in 'Ponies to Play 1' now hits me just as pleasantly with its kinky life.

Book 2 is already tingling in my fingers—the general plot has been long written down (back with book 1)—but financially, I can't start on it yet. Although it was a long and exhausting endeavor, it's sort of a hobby project of mine, ponies. As an independent artist, I can only sometimes afford to make that sacrifice. After 'Slave Uniforms 1' is finished, and sales have come in, I'll know if I can afford to start on 'Ponies to Play 2'. Writing it on the side wouldn't give it the right attention, energy, and creativity it deserves.

Incidentally, I've managed to refine my writing with that project—which was also the goal. A pure book (without illustrations) forces you to focus on just that one tool for storytelling. Already, I noticed how I could put it to good use in SLAVE UNIFORMS on Ch.2 'Slave Concubine' (besides committing to some historical research into the Ottoman harem for better worldbuilding *flex*). Similarly, I intend to base a future chapter on Roman or Greek slavery history, while staying on Planet XX, and keeping it much shorter than the 23-page-long harem story; or else, it won't be an art book any longer.

Overall, this more visual format of HB1+2, parts of Slave Unit, and Slave Uniforms, feels like a great mix between written and illustrated, without feeling too restricted (solely creatively speaking).

When I purely write, nothing hinders my worldbuilding, neither its coming-alive world nor the story arc. Illustrating a whole world setting successfully easily adds another two months of work on top of a 4-5 month-long project where I'm already feeling the exhaustion from the endless editing cycles a story requires. That's why I don't always want to create illustrated novels—it's quite the workload; a novel doesn't look like it, at first, but if you really want to refine it (with lots of repeated editing cycles), the weeks, then the months, shoot past you.

For some reason, making everything shorter and more serialized hasn't worked out for me—although I'm trying. Cliffhangers always suck, and once I'm in 'the zone', I can create and create; each release cycle breaks that flow and it takes some effort to dive back into it again due to the demanding workload. (Nobody shits gold nuggets.)

I'm also thinking about making a short story section here on my site. Just during the two-week holidays alone (X-mas), I came up with two potential novel ideas. Writing tiny short stories on the side wouldn't interfere much and would be a refresher in between, since I've got plenty of story snippets written down over the last four years or so. If one of those short stories gets particularly interesting and good, it could even become a full novel eventually, who knows.


Tags: bondage drawings, submissive outfits, bdsm stories

last updated: 8.Feb, 2022

End of 2021
Space Slave
2-page kinky story
Poor Elizabeth thought she could get away with a little stealing...

That neuro brain-socket: if a slave worker becomes mentally inoperable, another tube can come out of the breathing port, dock with the socket, and adjust the slave's brain back to operating levels. This way, even mental breakdowns or episodes can quickly be resolved.

I hope you enjoyed this short freebie!

The robotic look here was more accidental, to be honest, just a dark space suit. And for the background, I threw a few asteroid-shaped balls in later in post-production to give it a certain mood. It turned out pretty neat but only after it was desaturated and properly blurred (as I hadn't planned a background to begin with). So there's always an unknown factor one follows.

Tags: enslaved, robots, slave girl, collared, bondage comic, bdsm art, scifi, planet xx

last updated: 12.Sept, 2021
Aug Patreon finished
last updated: 1.Sept, 2021
Neuter Nuts
8-page shortstory
If you're unfamiliar with Planet XX, I've got you covered: Here's the Planet XX Intro Page, and another about the Queendom.

This freebie took a little longer than expected until I was satisfied with the results, particularly polishing the story; after writing 'Ponies to Play', I felt the need to put my improved writing skills to good use, and editing this shortstory took a while until it had enough of a kinky edge that I felt satisfied with the result.

I don't think I've created any kinky aliens before? Only Mistress Xenia's green monster-strap-on (in an early Slave Jessica 2 project that's on ice), and a 1-page freebie called 'Slave Milk'.

Now that the Neuter Nuts are done, I'm really happy how the colors turned out. :]

Tags: castration, bodymod, nullo slave, sex parasites, tentacles, femdom, matriarchy, forced orgasm, cbt, bdsm slave story, bdsm art, planet xx

last updated: 27.Aug, 2021
Slave Uniforms I
Kinky Art Book
Below is the same text as in the image, for auto-translate and search.

What is the KinkyDept up to next?

After the Femdom Pony-play novel, it's time for some kinky illustrations again; on the one hand, to mix things up creatively for me, on the other, to not fall off my bones as a poor artist. ;) The first ones, Uniforms 1 and 2 come in a pair, and the portrait here is one of the detail shots and doesn't show 7's rather cruel and short surgical ballet heels.

As usual, it will take a few months to polish, portray, and finish this issue, and it could be ready in 3 months (Nov 2021) or take a little longer as I can't tell yet how many slave uniforms I'll be coming up with. And as usual, I'll be posting more kinky previews in the coming weeks. ;)

Last year, when I had finished Heavy Bondage II, I had an idea about a Slave Uniform collection —more light-weight, no distracting back- grounds—and with the focus on the various kinky (or cruel) outfits for those long-term slaves out there.

I'll try to keep the stories shorter than in HB1+2 and instead portray one full-body shot and many detail shots of each of those nasty devices. Slave Unit, (with its outfit illustrations) helped me in that regard built upon this style and layout.

Tags: Modified pleasure slave, bodymod slave, collared slave girls, nipple piercings, bald female slave, submissive outfits, steel bondage drawing, bondage art, humiliated slave, steel corset, pleasure slave, heavy nose ring

last updated: 4.Aug, 2021
Thirsty Toilet Slut
Short Comic
"91" really shouldn't have run off... now she can't even get off her knees. If she tries, the bronze chain connected to her leg irons would only pull on her thick pussy ring. Standing is a right she has to earn again...

I love to make freebies in between paid projects and give everyone something kinky to enjoy. This one I made in the heat of July while regenerating from the last project, which involved 5 months of writing (to create #8 Ponies to Play).

Haven't done a comic for a while... and creating more bondage art is a nice refresher. This 4-page long bondage comic was supposed to be one image, but, I quickly saw the potential to make it into a tiny short comic. ;)


Tags: toilet slave, piss slut, drinking piss, fetish comic, chained slave girl, naked slave, amputation, bodymod, heavy bondage, leg chains, shackled to urinal, humiliated slave, bondage art

last updated: 13.July, 2021
June Patreon finished
last updated: 26.June, 2021

Book I

With a stable full of chaste mares, a challenging ponyplay workshop awaits Tom in the Mediterranean...

Hoofed boots, thick piercings, heavy tack, and controlling electricity—with a slowly escalating sadism from the Countess herself as she shows Tom her secluded stables deep in the Mediterranean countryside.

A Femdom BDSM Novel about castrated husbands, abducted ponygirls, and cruel shocking-devices...




If you ask me, there aren't a lot of good Femdom pony stories out there. I hope I'm slowly rising to the task with this novel, and have given you some kinky ideas (or rekindled some old pony fantasies?). Mine always come and go and mix together with the rest of BDSM (so, I'm not totally a pure pony player).

Having read a bad pony story before this project in December, it was enough of a spark to start out on my own pony endeavor: collecting notes, ideas, researching, and all that, and do it properly.

I haven't done as much research on any previous project, and in all fairness, ponyplay needs a good deal more preparation compared to most other sub-genres of BDSM (even though I'm well-versed in plenty of ponyplay stories over the last twenty-or-so-years).

So I hope you will like the metallic taste of the bit between your teeth!



last updated: 16.June, 2021
Early Drafts
Listen to 'Ponies to Play'
(Preview 1)


In late December 2020, I had started writing on this project. And since then, had invested all my time into it. During the proofreading and rewriting, I also listen to it with text-to-speech (3rd Edit) to get a better feel for the flow. At this stage, it's still rather raw and needs a lot of rewriting--and time, lots of time.

After that, it's basically in a readable quality, and it only needs a last read-through to check for minor errors and the story flow (I had thought. The 4th edit actually took almost another month...).

ETA: released :)

Tags: FEMDOM, Lezdom, ponyboy, ponygirl, captive, degredation, strap-on, female chastity piercings, spiked tube, anti-erection device, tease & denial, ball shock-cuff, pussy tattoo, kinky novel, tortured with electricity, fucking machine, bdsm training machines, enslaved by beautiful woman, Con-Noncon(CNC), Bodymod, castration, human gelding, BDSM novel

Slave Table I
4 images
The table idea I got from one of GG63's sketches, and I thought I'll make a free kinkydept version of it. ;) Originally, on the underside of the table plate I had three spikes on each corner, so when she wiggles too much (while getting fucked) they'd poke her shoulders and butt. Yet they were sort of uncomfortable to look at, and in the end, I had decided to simplify and go without them.

The reason it's called table 1: there'll be surely more transformed tables coming in the future--I'm surprised I haven't made any yet? To better link back to them, I'm already starting numbering.

There's an update coming Update...DONE! 4 images total. And now, time to get back to the editing table for me, for 'Ponies to Play'!

Tags: free use, fuck table, steel bondage, collared, trapped, stuck girl, cum sucker, enema tube, forniphilia, metal bondage, leather steel gag, nose ring, slave piercings, blonde slave girl, nipple torture, humiliated slave girl, sexy legs, mistress, master busy with slave, waking up in the wrong place, pleasure slave, amputation fetish, public humiliation

last updated: 24.Apr, 2021
Slave Feet
2 images
I've finally switched 3D models (from Genesis 3 to Genesis 8) The reason for that were: more realistic faces, better genitals, and prettier feet. :p

I don't aim for photorealism (that's another render-school of thought) but instead going the illustrated and painterly route. The limited faces and facial expressions probably annoyed me the most with the lower resolution models. Until now, I hadn't thought I needed higher resolution shapes--but it seems I do if I want to get the looks I imagine.

And so as a warm-up and get-to-know, I thought I play around with some feet (posing and rendering and stuff). Only in the post-work, things turned out to look a little more professional than anticipated. So I gave it another casual afternoon to make them look pretty (while the story kinda writes itself, hehe). And that's already it. Next, I'll make another freebie about forniphilia, about a girl who's better grateful she's allowed to play the table...
Five years ago (or so), I had posted some pink sandal heels (Slave Annie), and also made about 3 illustrations about those naughty 'slave bracers' (permanent ballet boots); Slave Jessica gets to wear them too (in the Comic).

Tags: foot fetish, sexy feet, caned soles, punished feet, barefoot slave girl, bdsm drawing, slave shackles, golden ankle cuffs

last updated: 21.Mar, 2021
Reskin Steelmesh
1 image
(The Reskin is from 'Vacuum Bondage', Page 3; also a freebie.)
This is one of the 3x steel mesh Reskins from the Vacuum bondage short-comic. It's an older comic I made a while ago and this was the Patreon winner for February 2021.

Soon, the sticky substance will engulf her, hold her, and cure - until its snug, hardened shell is ready for transport. The many tubes in her orifices will make sure she'll stay hydrated, fed, and regularly emptied of her waste. I'm sure it doesn't feel too uncomfortable...

This is my fourth steel mesh creation. The three others can be found in the Patreon Image Pack 2020 as it was moved out of Patreon to make room for 2021.

Tags: vacuum bondage, encased in steel, encasement, bdsm artwork, cocooned, feeding tube, nipple piercings

last updated: 8.Mar, 2021
Doll Factory
1 image
GYNOID FUCKDOLLS - Certified Vendor

So about those fuckdolls I mentioned in HB2...

What you don't know are all the wasted dolls required to create such luscious stories! Here you can see all the waste, the broken toys, the used and discarded rubber things after they've served their purpose for the Kinky Department.

(Yes, they still feel immense pleasure - IF their control unit allows them to cum.)
It's based on the original story 'Squeeze!' from HEAVY BONDAGE 2 where it dives into the process of becoming a conditioned fuckdoll, and how she eventually ends up in a doll shop and is put up for sale.

Next Project
Meanwhile, I'm still taking it easy and doing some proper pony research. Plenty of notes and pieces are soon growing into my next novel, #8.
Tags: rubber fetish, latex doll, sex orgy, amp, quad amp, rubberoll, collared, corset, pierced nipples, humilated, gynoid

last updated: 22.Dec, 2020
Up next

So what am I up to next?

I'm most likely starting on a femdom-oriented PONY STORY, with a male pony being the involuntary 'protagonist' (or subject).

A week ago, my 3-month-long project 'HEAVY BONDAGE 2' was finished. I'm trying to take it easy, so only consuming, no creating, which is a nice change.

I'm reading up on some writing books on plot; researching pony books, videos, movies; taking lots of early notes and snippets for the story; and reading some (more pleasant) erotic pony stories, in addition. Though, other stories (and other author's ideas) feel like a double-edged sword: it helps but it also takes away some of your own originality. (So I guess I'm really just pretending I'm reading it for 'work' :P .)

I. Binder's "A change of scene" was kinda the start of kindling my love for pony play again; it's not well written - at times, boring - but it has a few gold nuggets (or 'scenes' sprinkled in between). I guess my rather kinky fantasy was going wild and painted it well out to make it real fun. (It's available for free on GaggedUtopia or paid on Amazon.)

Becoming the literal 'work-vehicle' with a purpose, together with the amount of control over a sub, is just uncontested (i.e. vs slave stories). Besides, the level of humiliation feels equally colossal and so this BDSM sub-genre always held a very special place for me. Maybe this one gets done in 2-3 months. For once, I'm not planing any artwork (only a cover with some of the gear used) so I can conveniently place it in the EPUB format - and possibly Amazon again; I only have 'Slave Annie' on Amazon because the Kindle format is a walled-off garden, you have to pay 30%-60% fees, and they also charge you every megabyte (and, if you've noticed, most of my creations have many megabytes of kinky data). It also allows me to polish the novel more and refine my writing even a little further. But yeah, it tickled me for a while to write another novel. It feels like the least-constraining format for what I want to tell and I can add the most details in this form. (I guess I'm fighting my own hidden prejudice against the word-salad-format without visuals.)

Once I have a few more items released in the future, I might have the luxury of working longer on my projects so that I can afford to add even more immersion to my creations.

Serious Femdom Pony stories seem rare (with a confident Mistress and her controlled ponyboy) so I'm trying to aim a little higher here, particularly when it comes to piercings, long-term chastity devices, leather gear, tail-plugs, and a believable slavery world. Benson's female ponies are great, but it contains no Femdom, and if the story should play in the present age, his fantasy bondage is not very plausible and would break the spell between believability and - not surrealism - but imperfect and not-so-well-thought-out bondage settings. And don't we all want it to be riveting and believable in our minds?
Tags: Pony play, Femdom, ponyboy, chastity, pony girl harem, NC, pet play, serious, BDSM novel

last updated: 3.December, 2020
Heavy bondage II
After 3 (very productive) months, another 7 kinky stories are finally finished and can be collectively found in the:

Compared to HB1, Femdom became more rampant, and the stories more detailed and longer.

If you've heard about the HEAVY BONDAGE Series for the first time, you can get both books as a BUNDLE (and save 20%).

Tags: Illustrated BDSM stories, femdom, lezdom, male chastity devices, punishment bondage, CBT, slavery, objectification, pet girls, bodymod, piercings, chained, collared, castration, amputation

last updated: 25.Nov, 2020
Latex Trio
from Slave Unit
(Patreon Winner)
This is one of the 9 variants/reskins that won the for October 2020. Since the original 'SLAVE UNIT' Book hasn't really got any latex in it, Patreon (3$ tier) gives me the chance to fix this as a sort of tip jar. ;)

Previously, Slave Jeannie and the 'Steelmaid' had won more latex variants (from the Slave Unit Novel).

Tags: slave girls, latex fetish, rubberdolls, steel corset, ballet heels, inflatable rubber balls, lezdom, red rubber dress, chained girls, steel posture collar

last updated: 27.Oct, 2020
October Patreon finished
last updated: 27.Oct, 2020
bondage 2
In the making

here's the first Sneak-Peek of the next, upcoming volume! I'll add further previews collectively in this post.

What I know so far about HEAVY BONDAGE 2:
• some of its stories will be longer
• less scenarios than HB1 (which had 9) but instead there'll be more total pages

I guess, in retrospect, it might have been more fun to expand on some of the short stories in HB1, with a little less self-imposed restrictions. Now that I've lifted them to give each story a little more room it feels quite spicy when I look over the 44 pages so far (as of Oct 2).

'self-imposed restrictions' - Isn't that what bondage is all about?

What I do know already is that it is becoming deeper and more detailed, with more world-building in my kinky stories and reveal more of the sorry slaves and their intricate ordeals.

Oct 14:
As things look now, I'll have time to add one more story segment. Overall, that'll stack up to 6 unique stories but totaling (probably) 60 pages.

We can safely add the Femdom tag now - as the second and fourth scenarios play within the Queendom and is rather thick and driveling with worship and male submission! ;)

Estimated Release for HEAVY BONDAGE 2: ~Early Nov 2020
Tags: Lezdom, Femdom, pet girls, heavy rubber, serious restraints, Femdom, BDSM slavery, rubberdoll, dehumanizing, objectifying, body mod, amputation, chastity belt, bondage story, human pet, permanent bondage

last updated: 14.Oct, 2020
September Patreon finished
last updated: 25.Sept, 2020
Slave Girl
4 images
This time, no story, no background. Lazy week ;p

I always wanted to start with a boring normality, but then let some kinkiness bleed-through from our hidden world and into reality.

There were some temptations (though some I resisted!):

A before-after scenario was tempting, where she would slowly degenerate from left image to right, and gradually shed her layers and show us her inner self (as ugly or beautiful as it may be).

And it was totally her idea to get rid of her clothes! That's where I failed to resist, though I'm sure you won't mind? Yet so much for the original plan of just making one casual portrait...

The empty book cover she's reading: I felt there wasn't enough room to make it readable so I left it up to the imagination (but, guessing by her chastity belt, it's probably a very kinky book?).

Music listened to:
Instead of a story, while I was 'working her'...wait...while I brought her to life--I listened to my ever-endless playlist and found two forgotten tracks in my rather old playlist (with 650 hours length):

Gang Starr - What You Want This Time [Oldschool hiphop]

Asgeir Trausti - Nyfallio regn [Islandic, Rock]
Tags: homewear, casual slave girl, bdsm lifestyle, female chastity belt, collared, bald girl

last updated: 5.Aug, 2020
July Patreon finished
last updated: 30.July, 2020
July Update

Right now, I'm reading my old stuff again, this time: 'Femdom Bedroom' (which was my second novel). Browsing over my previous creations helps a great deal at refining my story-telling skills, as you can imagine. A few minor grammar errors (relicts from editing) here and there, but mostly easy-reading material already, and very sexy scenarios. And yet, there were smaller details I couldn't remember anymore (after 1 year) and what happens when (which is obviously great for re-reading).

I'm still in cool-down mode now, aka vacation, or unpaid leave if you're self-employed—it's summer after all. I had two intense and productive months in May and June when I created 'Heavy Bondage 1'. For something creative, it's even a bit too fast but I'm super-happy with the result when I look at it now, after a one-week break.

Meanwhile, I had scribbled down a draft for a freebie comic about a slave facility that's processing males. I'm also letting the rough outlines for the next 'Heavy Bondage 2' form in my head—without much pressure—as two months per project makes life a lot easier; creating it in smaller chunks was always a goal of mine for some projects. 'Slave Unit' took 5 months +2 extra to finish and that takes a lot of energy and patience, particularly the re-writing, and re-writing, and re-writing.

With 'Heavy Bondage 1', I sort of approached a new mixed medium: large high-rez BDSM illustrations merged with kinky short stories. (I mean who could say no to that?) As I was making the first Art book, I already knew a second and third would surely follow; only its length and page count began to grow more organically as I made them patiently one by one. And each story-length always grew out of hand, and me, out of pages.

I am considering adding some medical fetish in the next book(s), like casts and bandages, wheelchairs and diapers, asylum stuff. But, it could also turn out to deserve its own booklet—I honestly don't know yet; the whole creation process is always a bit mystical—with a mind of its own that you have to just follow—and I never know (and never knew) how the end results would ultimately look. It would've eased down some of that creator stress. Yet, each time, it's the same stressful cycle, and I suppose that's an occupational hazard as an artist.

So, what's the next booklet about? Most likely more of the same: heavy, tight, inescapable, you know, restricting stuff. Stuff you only dare to fantasize about—but too scary for the real world.

And that's it for now, fellow Goddesses, Owners, Mistresses, Masters, pets, and owned property!

last updated: 21.July, 2020
Heavy bondage
Art Book 1

it's finally released, after 2 months of sweat, perseverance, and a bit of fun!

I'm getting naughtier and naughtier, I fear, and this is going to be an interesting journey I started on with the Bondage Art Books.

Not all candidates made it into the first release and there were a few tough choices, but more booklets are coming your way this cursed 2020 year.

Tags: bodymod, human-furniture, pet-play, serious-bdsm, lezdom n femdom, slavery, bondage illustration

last updated: 10.July, 2020
Art Book 1
In the making
working on the 'Slave Unit' kind of helped me hone in with my kinky senses and doing big detailed artwork was what made me make the detour (from comics) in the first place.

As far as I've currently planned it, every page will be a different scene, from heavy-rubber bondage to slave-storage to--at times--permanent, life-changing (and enlightening) restraints.

The first finished artwork (Page 1) will be a freebie, while the others can be found in a neatly polished PDF soon, somewhere around July.

UPDATE: Things looking good for July and the next preview will be from the fully-finished slave box (a freebie like the doggirl).

Tags: pet girl, heavy rubber, heavy restraints, dehumanizing, objectifying, body modification, chastity belt, human sex toy, piercings, mistress, femdom

last updated: 8.July, 2020
Runaway / Petrified
two pages

At first, I wanted to just do one illustration, but it quickly became evident that seeing some moss growing on her stone skin (and aging) would be much more satisfying.

I usually like to do something completely different after (or in between) a long and kinky project. The idea for this came from listening to the LotR Audiobook (again and again, each year) when Aragorn and the four little hobbits came to the petrified troll statues again (after Bilbo came by in The Hobbit).

Then I had to add some slight 'The Expanse' crystalization and the rest was happening with a life of its own--and without knowing where it would lead, like the background or the story--that kind of happens in the process.

Tags: Petrified, turned to stone, objectification, female statue, turned into statue, escaped slave girl, free bdsm comic

last updated: 28.April, 2020
an illustrated BDSM Novel


A freedwoman on Planet XX bought herself an old automated enslavement chamber, and she decides to realize her submissive dreams.

If she can repair it, she'll have full control over its ancient programs. How far is she willing to go with her submissive tendencies and will she commit to a full month of self-enslavement?

Born as a man, she always tried to fit-in in this matriarchal society. But now that she has completed her surgery, she has fully become a woman and doesn't have to hide her little secret any longer.

Meanwhile, she tries to live a normal kinky life on this female-dominated planet...

As a slavish multi-course dinner, this novel will feature:


Additional fetishes: breast milk, sensory deprivation, anal stretching, steel ballet heels, milkmaid, conditioning, nipple-shields, piercings, bald slave girls, collared, captivity, foot worship, slave journey, punished, consensual, assault, tease and denial, pussy punishment...

Update: v1.01 contains minor grammar fixes and improvements, nothing you'll probably notice.

Author's note: I tried to give the story a more solid foundation, some heart and warmth and comfort, while still diving deep into heavy BDSM. As my 5th creation, this slave novel will shed more light on the Empire's slave culture and its kinky day-to-day life in the city (after Fetish Ballerina's glimpses). There are a few cross-references to my Short-Comics and Stories within, while the whole 200k word novel will feature illustrations to spice things up as usual. ;)

Additional Sneek peak:

Tags: Planet XX, fucking machine, self-enslavement, submissive woman, slave society, dog girl, milk slave, heavy slave gear, ballet heels, self-bondage, enslaved by machine, Scifi BDSM, Lezdom, futuristic, slave training room, consensual, illustrated bondage novel, bdsm story, sex reassignment surgery (m to f).

last updated: 14.May, 2020
Virus Killer
one image

here's a virus-induced brain-fart for you. :P

Initially, I tried some traditional lab coloring but that didn't look so great.

Just a short 2-day creative quicky (break) while I'm continuously working on my #5 Project 'SLAVE UNIT' since November. Work is going smoothly and it's only a matter of week(s) before it's ready to be read!

Tags: medical fetish, sexy nurse, PPE, latex, shiny, gaskmask, fully encased, raincoat, rubber bondage

last updated: 23.March, 2020
Reskin Gold
one image
This is for the new

The vacuum bondage (with pink latex) has turned into rigid gold. I think its snug down there...

(-->original pink latex)

This little bonus feature is available for existing artworks including all my Shop items and gets chosen by a monthly poll you can vote on later .

The suggestion thread for the February RESKINS has opened...

These 'Reskins' will stay patreon-exclusive and all 3$ patreons will have access to this year's Reskins.

While this one here is for free. ;)

I had to find a balance between my big, month-long projects for my shop, the freebies I constantly make, and the patreon-extras on top. Patreon won't give me much beer money, but if there's an interest, I shall provide it. My shop is still my main source of income to make a modest living as a bondage artist.

Tags: forniphilia, steel bondage, vacuum bed, slave storage, encasement

last updated: 15.January, 2020
3 Years
one image
Sometimes I feel like becoming a villain with evil superpowers when I look back at what I've been up to the last three years! =D

Most of my creations, slaves, pets, toys, and victims have turned up for the totally voluntary party!

Tags: multiple slave girls and mistresses, a lot of slaves, collared girls, mistress party, bdsm orgie, big artwork, background image, sexy bondage

last updated: 1.January, 2020
In the Dungeon
two images
I tried to honor 'the bondage'. It's hard to exactly put the finger on it. Some scenes become, in a way, absolute?

I could write you a whole story about that poor slave girl. Only late did I notice it could also play in ancient times, some roman or Gorean slavery setting -- but, I'm swamped and someone has to finish that 'Slave-Unit' novel and its artwork in the next month ...

It took me around 3-4 days, instead of the planned 2 days, but the result feels -- yeah, satisfying! I'll try and do a Making-of about it soon, as I've decided to make the 2$ patreon tier free. I'll post them here together with the regular, finished artwork soon, instead of on Patreon.

This one was also the Patreon poll Winner for October. Though I'm in the process of revamping the Patreon goals and its new features will be finished around mid-December.

Tags: ancient slaves, roman slavery, gorean artwork, bdsm artwork, strappado, steel bondage, handcuffs, dungeon, punished, whipped, bald, pierced, multiple slaves, many slave girls, waiting for master, collared

last updated: 28.November, 2019
Control Unit
one image
Just an abstraction of life - or various sexual intensities - who really knows?

Popped into my head, and I'd to put it down paper.
Tags: dark, meta, bdsm artwork

last updated: 14.November, 2019
Ballet Braces III
three pages
Turns out, I couldn't resist make more variants!

The 4th one on the right, the surgical variant, had been my initial idea, a ballet implant, very light-weight and invisible under everyday clothes... ;)

It has a sort-of Planet XX background, in case you were wondering about the lezdom, and the slave ranks, and the scifi tech and-so-forth. 'Slave Braces I' appear in 'Slave Jessica'.
Tags: ballet boots, ballet heel story, planet xx, foot binding, fetish heels, feet, toes, foot fetish

last updated: 21.October, 2019
Ballet Braces II
single image
I was thinking about something slim, some naughty foot braces that could be worn under clothes. At first, they were supposed to be merely a front and back steel-band that goes over the big toe, but instead I decided a more stable approach that would seem more realistic. When already worn, the slim strip of silicone padding isn't visible.

Patreon Poll Winner for August 2019 > Ballet steel braces, things are going to be very en pointe!

I might make another one with a few different variants--don't know yet. The original Ballet Boots (Slave Braces 1) can be
Tags: ballet boots, feet, ex-slave

last updated: 14.October, 2019
an 8 page short-comic

Poor Susie! Shaved head, shaved pussy, pierced nose, and a thick golden collar around her neck. Her new Mistress will receive a brand-new pleasure slave for her bed-chambers.

For the 2$ patrons there are some work-in-progress variations available and some unfinished renders that didn't make it into the final 8-page comic, together with a glimpse in my creative process and how the idea grew.

I'm switching between freebies, like this one, and month-long paid projects for my Shop. So if you like to show your appreciation, have a look over there and enjoy!

Tags: Planet XX, Lezdom, fucking machine, machine sex, conditioning, forced orgasm, orgasm denial, chastity corset, brainwashing, slave breaking, bald slave girl, pierced, milking, breast milk, scifi bondage story, erotic fiction

last updated: 16.September, 2019
Slave Annie, hogtied
Single image

Annie must really love her tight rubber restraints!

Two years ago, when I started out as an artist 'Slave Annie' was my first comic. Making this piece here was a fun journey back down the memory lane, and I was curious how things would turn out - that's why I put it up for a vote on Patreon (though I would've been more curious about my other options: Liquid metal, or Jessica's steel corset :p).

Sometimes it's a struggle, but when I look at my finished artwork, all that hard work and doubt vanishes and it all was worth it.

Tags: lezdom, lesbian bondage, sadistic mistress, rubber bondage, bdsm relationship, bdsm artwork, scifi, steel sarcophagus, metal bondage, heels, feet, tit torture, chained, gagged, female sub, casual mistress, black latex dress, painfully tight hogtie

last updated: 27.August, 2019
Female Serial Killer
Single image

And now for something completely different...

That's some tight bondage! She was supposed to wear a white hokey mask, you know, serial killer and all, but I think it's already scary enough. :D

I made this one more as a fun thing on the side. something dark, and I didn't know how far it'd be going...

Tags: scary femdom, psycho mistress, knife play, kidnapped man, exam chair, heavy bondage, chained, femdom artwork, dark bdsm, kidnapped role-play, serious mistress

last updated: 19.August, 2019
Vacuum Bondage
8-page Short Comic

Hyperspace travel can be dangerous, when you're accidentally put in the slave class...


For the 2$ patrons there are some work-in-progress variations available and some unfinished renders that didn't make into the final comic.

The pink vacuum bed image was more of an accident. After finishing the 3D model, this one was the first texture transparency test. When I saved a raw render preview to post later for my 2$ patreons, I realized its potential and luckily finished it in Photoshop.

I'm switching between freebies, like this one, and month-long paid projects for my Shop. So if you like to show your appreciation, have a look over there and enjoy!

Tags: vacuum bed, vacbed, rubber goo, encasement, mummification, insertation, forniphilia, human furniture, caged girl, boxed girl, slave in cage, packaging fetish, latex fetish, heavy bondage, female solo, sex machine, sex robots, rubberdoll, bdsm comic, vacuum hentai, latex comic, rubber comic, kinky comic, bondage comic

last updated: 13.August, 2019
"Femdom Bedroom"
An illustrated Femdom Story

While cheating, a poor husband gets enslaved by some random sisters, and they are evil! Oh noes!

The wicked sisters, Eva & Mona, are on the hunt again, and they're looking for a male pet. To take it, and break it, and make it into their new, intimate pussy-slave!

Why is it not on Amazon?
Because I would only get a 35% cut. I'd loose 65% and would still have to promote it myself. That means I would've to sell it for 43$ to make even, which is not very author or customer-friendly, is it.
Genre: enslaved by women, male chastity, forced feminization, male POV, anti-erection training, dominance and submission, chained and imprisoned, NC (non-cons), pegging (fucked by Mistress), foot fetish & worship, humiliated by women, pussy slave, objectification, forniphilia, rubberdoll, human sex toy

last updated: 5.August, 2019
The Vault
A 3-page Short-Comic:
There're two versions with identical artwork, but different text:

'Gentle' is the lesbian bondage scenario with the trusted girlfriend...

'Hard' is the kidnapped and enslaved version, by the boyfriend's crazy ex-girlfriend!!2omg

Additionally there are 3 image-extracts, without any annoying text.Initially it should've been 1 image only: the poor sub, all chained up, and the heavy vault door closing... ;)
Genre: metal bondage, heavy bdsm, thick steel chains, lesbian bondage, lezdom, steel gag, steel dildos, 'chastity belt', kidnapped, abducted, imprisoned, female prisoner, feet, encased, damsel.

last updated: 12.April, 2019
Slave Nina's dance career, and her first-hand account of the ordeal, as she becomes a radically new ballerina. Craving a deep submissive desire of ownership, she offers herself up as a contract slave on Planet XX...[continue]

This story had been available for free, for a short period of time, and is now back into the vault. You can get it in my SHOP→

Genre: BDSM Story, Lesbian, Mistress, Worship, Bodymod, Silenced, Long-term bondage, 24/7, Perma-gag, Contract Slave, Personal Assistant, Waist-training, Fucking Machine, Forced Orgasm, Amputation, Scifi

last updated: 1.May, 2019
Limp Dick Galore
various male chastity
Six poor slave dicks (more or less), locked-up in various cruel chastity devices.
I thought I had some fun playing around with male chastity devices, and with the tiniest of stories for each one. :]

Spiked Chastity Device, Castrated stubby penis, Steel Dick, Metal Cock, Training Cage, Nullified Slave

The first one has a reverse prince albert piercing. It goes through the front of the head (instead of the back, where the frenum is).
Genre: Male chastity, orgasm denial, male slave, femdom, castrated, nullified, noorgasm, anti-erection devices, CBT, genital piercings

last updated: 31.March, 2019
March Quicky
Cast in Resin
Ice Cubes anyone?...I'm ready for summer!

A short-term storage, I'm joking--it's long term! :p

This piece was done in just 2 days; nothing really resi(n)sted, as you'd usually expect. I like how the glass transparency worked out, so smooooth, while those poor slaves stare out in horror!

I don't plan on making a comic from this; maybe a short story, but first I have to finish 'Slave Nina: Fetish Ballerina'.

Genre: Slavery, Encasement, Epoxy, Resin, Inflated, Enema, swollen belly

last updated: 11.March, 2019
Feb/Mar Written Story
Slave Nina:
Slave Nina's dance career, and her first-hand account of the ordeal, as she becomes a radically new ballerina. Craving a deep submissive helplessness, as she offered herself up again, as a contract slave on Planet XX...

A serious lesbian body-mod story, about heavy bondage, total submission, and obey and endure...

I'm just finishing the written story (as opposed to a Comic or Short-Story) for this poor slave. It's going to be a long one,and it should be finished around Mid-March.

It'll give a lot of insights into Planet XX's society, hierarchy, and a slave's life...

Genre: Slavery, Slave POV, Body Mod, Amputation, Piercings, Ballet boots, Nipple/Tongue/Anal Stretching, Waist/Foot/Arm Reduction, Machine Sex, Slave with Servant

last updated: 4.March, 2019
January Short-Comic
4-Page Short-Comic

Where do the bad slaves go on Planet XX?

Another short Kinky Comic. This time it's all about heavy bondage, slave breaking, and punishment!
Genre: Heavy Bondage, Encasement, Slavery, Punishment

last updated: 27.January, 2019
They cover various different genres. Though, they all play on Planet XX. The first one explores some forniphilia with force-feeding of mistress's piss and basically becoming her mobile human toilet.
The second erotic short story explains the origin of the mysterious slave milk, transforming human slaves into human latex plants, mind control,lactation, and the harvesting of a valuable aphrodisiac.
The third 'x-mas' story is about revenge between two sisters, with a little bit of incest, and her subsequent submission and transformation into a human dog girl. Lezdom, forced orgasm, cliterectomy and humiliating pet play.
Genre: Femdom, Lesbian, Pet Play, Latex fetish, Human Toilet, Piss force feeding, Pussy aphrodisiac, Rubber transformation

last updated: 23.December 2018
When CAPTAIN JIM tried to trade illegal goods on Planet XX, he accidentally crash-landed on the surface. Waking up dazed, he found himself in some sort of biomedical clinic! Restrained by a strange-looking liquid rubber, his body began to feel oddly weird...

What he doesn't know yet: The alien traditions on this Planet are highly 'different' than any other planet he has ever visited before! It'll take some time to adjust to this matriarchal 'culture'.

The owner of the Clinic, a cheerful MISTRESS XENIA, is about to welcome her sleeping patient to his her new life...
This story will play before Comic #1, when Mistress Annie was still part of the Mistress Caste and wildly in love with Mistress Xenia, who just bought a fresh male slave for her medical clinic - to be transformed and trained into a chaste female house slave.

Genre: Femdom, Chastity, Scifi, Bondage, Slavery, Sissy

ISSUE 1 released!
Slave girl in chastity belt, collar and nipple piercings, erotic bondage comic Free BDSM Comic, Lesbian Planet XX, Mistress Xenia Femdom
  • 16 Full Color Pages
  • 19 Pages total, incl. Cover
  • 2 versions:
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  • Intro-Story of Planet XX
  • Background-Story and Pin-Up
    of ANNIE (uncensored Vers. of the Cover Page)
  • Background-Story and Pin-Up
    of XENIA
  • Background-Story
    of Dog Girl Lucy

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