a once beautiful woman hangs tied from her hands, naked and beaten, with head shaved bare, a slave collar around her neck. the fresh piercings still burn in her nipples and nose, but all the new slave girls would receive their slave piercings. rays of sun and dust dance in the light as these women have to suffer down below in the slave hole. chained up and abused, she doesn't know how much longer she manages to stand, everything hurt in her body, and the master had whipped and beaten her cruelly until she was red and blue, soon she would break and do anything to please her new owner. many other slave girls were waiting in tiny cages, built into the hard rock of the cave, escape seemed impossible, they all had to submit and accept a life in slavery.

In the Dungeon

by kinkydept
tags: bondage portrait ,slave portrait, bdsm artwork, chained up, collared girls, caned ass, red buttocks, predicament bondage, endurance position, slave torture, slave breaking, metal bondage, gorean artwork, bondage image, broken and abused, steel ass hook, slave big tits, athletic body, hot slave girl, shaved head, bald woman, eyebrows removed, filthy scum, enslaved, waiting for master, female slave, dark dungeon, slave dungeon, bondage dungeon, slavers cave, tight steel cuffs, shackled, chained slave, bad girl, getting a beating, dirty slave girl, messy, real ancient slave, enslaved woman, strappado position