ballet heels out of steel, golden ballet boots permanent, slave comic, oh yes, iíve been put in these braces years ago, back when i was still a slave woman. take them off? no, i canít! nor could i walk without them anymore. you get used to them. touching my steel feet feels magnificent! no, they donít hurt. theyíre just hard as steel and terribly stiff! my toenails had been replaced by artificial, soft nails that wonít grow any longer, so i can wear them indefinitely. when i go outside, i still wear shoes. itís just a habitóand iíve got a crazy ballet heel collection by now! sometimes i wear socks or pantyhose over them at home, just to make me feel a little more normal,you know? yes, people still stare at me when they catch the golden glimmer under my clothes, and my tiny steps are a dead giveaway, but by now i can walk like a goddess on the tips of my toes!

Slave Braces II

by kinkydept
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