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Short Comic
Ballet Braces III
October 2019
The, for now, final iteration of 'Slave Braces'; a variant of ballet boots for the nimble slave girl. A set of fetish bondage shoes to help your property submerge herself even deeper on her submissive journey.
Tags: ballet boots, ballet heel story, planet xx, foot binding, fetish heels, feet, steel bondage, toes, foot fetish

Ok, I really love how they turned out! Steel on bare skin is always a sexy thing, and in this case I had a good deal of post-work done in Photoshop; at first it was just the right leg of each slave girl, but mirroring them in the render stage worked out a lot better, and it became a rather naughty fetish portrait of 'tied-up' slave feet.

Single Page
Ballet Braces II
October 2019
Revisited one of my earliest work (Slave Braces I) and built upon that with a new golden glimmer. A long-term slave girl revisits her past in this 1-page bondage comic (and it's almost casual bdsm, but I managed to bite through!).
Tags: ballet boots, feet, ex-slave, almost casual bdsm

When I made these, I had already a few variations in mind (which would become Slave Braces III). While here, it was a fun mind game to imagine an ex-slave who had survived her ordeal, not fully unscathed, but had managed to adapt over time to her perilous situation, and her forcefully changed body.

Short Comic
September 2019
Trained and broken as a pleasure slave for Mistress, this one is machine-oriented for a pleasant change.
Tags: Planet XX, Lezdom, fucking machine, machine sex, conditioning, forced orgasm, orgasm denial, chastity corset, brainwashing, slave breaking, bald slave girl, pierced, milking, breast milk, scifi bondage story, erotic fiction

This one was a wild ride. It took me a few attempts to find the right kind of bondage body braces, but I think the result looks wonderfully kinky! Kind of reminded me of Sorayama's artwork (erotic pinup robots) with these colors and contrast.

Slave Annie hogtied
August 2019
Revisited; Annie really loves her tight rubber restraints!
Tags: lezdom, lesbian bondage, sadistic mistress, rubber bondage, bdsm relationship, bdsm artwork, scifi, steel sarcophagus, metal bondage, heels, feet, tit torture, chained, gagged, female sub, casual mistress, black latex dress, painfully hogtie

It's actually my second attempt; the first attempt was with basic rubber cables and just felt a little too basic if you know what I mean. ;)

Female Serial Killer
August 2019
Macabre and horror - some dark role play for a change.
Tags: scary, female psycho, femdom, crazy mistress, kidnapped, male slave, tight bondage, metal bondage

This was my quick 3-day excursion, after having worked for 4 weeks on 'Vacuum Bondage'. And I needed that refreshing breeze.

Short Comic
Vacuum Bondage
August 2019
Hyperspace travel can be dangerous, when you're accidentally put in the slave class...

(Find the most up-to-date page on the frontpage. The album link with all 7 pages will be posted here once it's completed.)
Tags: vacuum bed, rubber goo, encasement, insertation, forniphilia, human furniture, latex fetish, heavy bondage, female solo, packaging bonadge, machine, robots, trapped damsel, accidental slave

Patreon Vote Winner of June 2019. Initially only planed as 1 image with 2 smaller panels of the vacuum bed. But since it looked so cool, I threw in some goo and human cargo containers. :D

Femdom Bedroom
July 2019
A year-long submissive journey under the whip of two wicked sisters...

Punished, abused, broken!
Tags: Female-Dominance, male POV, kidnapped, imprisoned, male slave, long-term chastity, punished & broken, pussy & foot worshipping, forced feminization, incest, human toilet, strap-on, anal-stretching, heavy rubber, amputation, castration, chained, non-cons, abused by women
Production Notes:
Initially, it was only planned as a few male POV scenarios with the same background but different situations and a short story. Until it became a really cool idea in my kinky mind, and I decided to go with it and write my ass off!
The artwork took around a month, writing the initial first draft took another month, and then the rewrite/edit another surprising month (which I did not expect), but editing 80k words is longer than one might think. ;)

Short Comic
The Vault
April 2019
There're two versions with identical artwork, but with a different story: 'Gentle' is the lesbian bondage scenario with the trusted girlfriend... 'Hard' is the kidnapped and enslaved version, by the boyfriend's crazy ex-girlfriend
Tags: metal bondage, heavy bdsm, thick steel chains, lesbian bondage, lezdom, steel gag, steel dildos, 'chastity belt', kidnapped, abducted, imprisoned, female prisoner, feet, encased, damsel

Limp Dick Gallore
aka 'Slave Cocks'
March 2019
Six poor slave dicks (more or less), locked-up in various cruel chastity devices.
Tags: Male chastity, orgasm denial, male slave, femdom, castrated, nullified, no-orgasm, anti-erection device, CBT, tiny dick, cock humiliation, genital piercings

This one was long overdue, after Slave Jessica - male submissiveness that is. I could've made more than 6 devices, but instead I decided to take the time and polish them up a bit...

Cast in Resin
Mar 2019
Epoxy Resin Encasement - it's going to be tight!

Breathe through your pussy or asshole for a change.
Tags: Encasement, enema, swollen belly, forniphilia, human furniture, pussy piercings

Only 2 days of light torture; no I'm joking, it was fun. It was done as a quick breather in between 'Slave Nina'. Like a vacation from work, where you instead work.

Slave Nina: Fetish Ballerina

Mar 2019
Slave Nina's dance career, and her first-hand account of the ordeal, as she becomes a radically new ballerina. Craving a deep submissive desire of ownership, she offers herself up as a contract slave on Planet XX...

Probably the deepest dive into Planet XX's slavery society so far. While 'Slave Jessica was more of a glimpse.

There is a lot of loss of control over her own body, with some more serious body-mod, and total submission.
Tags: Lesbian, bodymod, amputation, forced orgasm, machine fucking, slave conditioning, metal bondage, heavy bondage, silenced, perma-gag, perma buttplug, anal stretching, long term bondage, enema punishment, waist training, and more...

I haven't had much experience with writing. A few short stories, but that's it. So there was quite a bit of studying, before I felt comfortable diving into this. And to be honest, I wasn't expecting 40k words; that's between a novella and a novel! xD

I'm still surprised about the naughtiness that I was able to pull 'out of my ass'--like an unknown black box--that just spews things out like a kinky enema.
Slave Nina Artwork
Feb 2019
Ballet Fetish anyone?

There's a full written story soon available!
Tags: Extreme Ballet Boots, Fetish Doll, Ballet Tutu, Nipple Piercing, Clit Piercing, Corset Hourglass, waist training, slave harness, head harness, steel bondage, amputation, no arms, amp fetish, ballet feet

Absolutely hot stuff! My own artwork gave me enough inspiration to write a 4 hour-long story (novella) about it, 'Slave Nina: Fetish Ballerina'.
Short Comic
Slave Storage
January 2019
Where do the bad slaves go on Planet XX? Another short Kinky Comic. This time it's all about heavy bondage, slave breaking, and punishment!
Tags: Heavy Bondage, Encasement, Slavery, Punishment, steel sarcophagus, encased in steel suit, bondage comic story

This one turned out unexpectedly well! Should've made more... -- No, I'm just joking!
Short Story
Cutey and Princess
Jan 2019
A pet story, with revenge and real fur.

The revenge between two sisters (with a little bit of incest) and her subsequent submission and transformation into a human dog girl.
Tags: Lezdom, forced orgasm, cliterectomy, humiliating, latex pet, human pleasure toy, pet play, mind control, transformation

Short Story
Slave Milk
Dec 2018
Lots of liquid latex euphoria.
Tags: Latex, Rubber, Milk, Milking, Aphrodisiac, Alien Plant, Impregnation, liquid latex plant fetish

Love the artwork. If this was another peak in my skills, the next one would happen at 'Fetish Ballerina'.
Short Story
Toilet Duties
Dec 2018
Piss and more piss!
With Mistress Xenia and Slave Annie
Tags: Femdom, Slavery, Forniphilia, Human Toilet, Enema, boxed

Production Notes:
One of 3 short stories I started around Halloween/Thanksgiving; all on different topics and settings. Something I desperately needed after I had worked for so long on 'Slave Jessica'; some refreshing change in scenery you could say.

Slave Jessica #1: Denial!
February 2018
Captain Jim crashlands on Planet XX and is forcefully enslaved by Mistress XENIA. Forced into Slavery, he is transformed and trained to eventually become a female House Slave in XENIA's Estate... with Ballet Boots, Chastity-Corset and all!
Genre: Femdom, Slavery, Male Chastity, Ballet Boots, Slave Training, Scifi Bondage
Tags: Ballet Boots Training, Castration, Anti-Errection Reconditioning, Evil Chastity Device, Tease and Denial, Sexy Nurse Uniform, Cat Ears, Female Chastity Belt, Nipple Piercings, Medical Fetish, Male to Female, Sex Change, Sissy, Rubberdoll, Fucking Machine, Anal Stretching, Enema, Submissive Training Routine, Slave Breaking, Horny as hell, Wet Pussy, No errection allowed, Nipple Stretcher, Forced Pussy Licking, Female POV, Face Sitting, Hospital Setting, Forcefeeding, Latex Cocoon, Foot Fetish, Penis Gag, Shock Buttplug, Shock Collar, Permanent Slave Collar,
Production Notes:
Production Time of 7 Months, learned plenty about workflow optimization, created more pages with higher quality as Comic#1, Lab-Scene + Space Intro Page + Night Page were the most challenging, Ballet Boots created, Corset created, Replaced original Hospital-Bed with Liquid latex (which was worth the effort in retrospect)
Cover pages received some extra high res (silicone) polish on the latex Extended Edition with 33 Full Color Pages.

Slave Annie: a lesbian BDSM Comic
June 2017
Intro to Planet XX and its matriarchal Society. Mistress XENIA sends her Lover and Slave, Annie, on an Errand...
Genre: Mistress, Lezdom, Slave Errand, Humiliation, Dominance and Submission, Buttplug, Anal Training and Punishment, Fucking Machine, Scifi Bondage
Tags: Pussy Piercing, Pierced Nipples, Milking, Toilets, Dog Girl, Submission, Chastity Belt, Steel Latex Bondage Helmet, Foot Worship, Domina Outfit (Bonus Page)
Production Notes:
Short Comic, 16 Full Color Pages, 7 months of production time, learned everything about making Bondage Comics with this Story!

Slave Jessica #2
Date unknown
Slave Jessica get's enlisted in Basic Servant Classes...
Genre: Femdom, Slavery, Maid Training, Fucking Machines,
Tags: Maid Training, Lesbian Planet, Male Chastity, Rubberdoll, Strap-On, Slave girlfriend

Production Notes:
Kinda stuck in production hell on Page 8--might make it into a Story with a few large illustrations...

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