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February Short-Comic

I'm just finishing the story for this poor slave...

Genre: Slavery, Body Mod, Piercings, Ballet boots

last updated: 14.Februar, 2019
January Short-Comic

4-Page Short-Comic

Where do the bad slaves go on Planet XX?

Another short Kinky Comic. This time it's all about heavy bondage, slave breaking, and punishment!
Genre: Heavy Bondage, Encasement, Slavery, Punishment

last updated: 27.January, 2019

December Short-Stories

They cover various different genres. Though, they all play on Planet XX. The first one explores some forniphilia with force-feeding of mistress's piss and basically becoming her mobile human toilet.
The second erotic short story explains the origin of the mysterious slave milk, transforming human slaves into human latex plants, mind control,lactation, and the harvesting of a valuable aphrodisiac.
The third 'x-mas' story is about revenge between two sisters, with a little bit of incest, and her subsequent submission and transformation into a human dog girl. Lezdom, forced orgasm, cliterectomy and humiliating pet play.
Genre: Femdom, Lesbian, Pet Play, Latex fetish, Human Toilet, Piss force feeding, Pussy aphrodisiac, Rubber transformation
last updated: 23.December 2018
Slave Jessica #2 Q2/Q3 2019
Pages completed:
7 of 39
last updated: 27.January 2019
Slave Jessica's ordeal continues as she is sent up a few floors and enlisted into Basic S.E.C. - the Servant Education Course.

This starter course will teach a fresh slave everything it needs to know about serving her Mistress as a dutiful and devoted house maid.

"When will Mistress finally allow me an orgasm?
This is getting too much!"
Genre: Femdom, Bondage, Scifi, Slavery, Chastity,
Forced Feminization, Ballet Boots
When CAPTAIN JIM tried to trade illegal goods on Planet XX, he accidentally crash-landed on the surface. Waking up dazed, he found himself in some sort of biomedical clinic! Restrained by a strange-looking liquid rubber, his body began to feel oddly weird...

What he doesn't know yet: The alien traditions on this Planet are highly 'different' than any other planet he has ever visited before! It'll take some time to adjust to this matriarchal 'culture'.

The owner of the Clinic, a cheerful MISTRESS XENIA, is about to welcome her sleeping patient to his her new life...
This story will play before Comic #1, when Mistress Annie was still part of the Mistress Caste and wildly in love with Mistress Xenia, who just bought a fresh male slave for her medical clinic - to be transformed and trained into a chaste female house slave.

Genre: Femdom, Chastity, Scifi, Bondage, Slavery, Sissy

ISSUE 1 released!
Slave girl in chastity belt, collar and nipple piercings, erotic bondage comic Free BDSM Comic, Lesbian Planet XX, Mistress Xenia Femdom
  • 16 Full Color Pages
  • 19 Pages total, incl. Cover
  • 2 versions:
    DRM-free-PDF (recommended)
    or Kindle .mobi
  • This version has additional bonus material as a "thank you" to my supporters!
  • Intro-Story of Planet XX
  • Background-Story and Pin-Up
    of ANNIE (uncensored Vers. of the Cover Page)
  • Background-Story and Pin-Up
    of XENIA
  • Background-Story
    of Dog Girl Lucy

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