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Comic #01
Slave Annie: a lesbian BDSM Comic
June 2017
Intro to Planet XX and its matriarchal Society. Mistress XENIA sends her Lover and Slave, Annie, on an Errand...
Genre: Mistress, Lezdom, Slave Errand, Humiliation, Dominance and Submission, Buttplug, Anal Training and Punishment, Fucking Machine, Scifi Bondage
Tags: Pussy Piercing, Pierced Nipples, Milking, Toilets, Dog Girl, Submission, Chastity Belt, Steel Latex Bondage Helmet, Foot Worship, Domina Outfit (Bonus Page)
Production Notes:
Short Comic, 16 Full Color Pages, 7 months of production time, learned everything about making Bondage Comics with this Story!
Comic #02
Slave Jessica #1: Denial!
February 2018
Captain Jim crashlands on Planet XX and is forcefully enslaved by Mistress XENIA. Forced into Slavery, he is transformed and trained to eventually become a female House Slave in XENIA's Estate... with Ballet Boots, Chastity-Corset and all!
Genre: Femdom, Slavery, Male Chastity, Ballet Boots, Slave Training, Scifi Bondage
Tags: Ballet Boots Training, Castration, Anti-Errection Reconditioning, Evil Chastity Device, Tease and Denial, Sexy Nurse Uniform, Cat Ears, Female Chastity Belt, Nipple Piercings, Medical Fetish, Male to Female, Sex Change, Sissy, Rubberdoll, Fucking Machine, Anal Stretching, Enema, Submissive Training Routine, Slave Breaking, Horny as hell, Wet Pussy, No errection allowed, Nipple Stretcher, Forced Pussy Licking, Female POV, Face Sitting, Hospital Setting, Forcefeeding, Latex Cocoon, Foot Fetish, Penis Gag, Shock Buttplug, Shock Collar, Permanent Slave Collar,
Production Notes:
Production Time of 7 Months, learned plenty about workflow optimization, created more pages with higher quality as Comic#1, Lab-Scene + Space Intro Page + Night Page were the most challenging, Ballet Boots created, Corset created, Replaced original Hospital-Bed with Liquid latex (which was worth the effort in retrospect)
Cover pages received some extra high res (silicone) polish on the latex Extended Edition with 33 Full Color Pages,
Comic #03
Comic#3 (Working Title)
Creating Artwork
est. Q4 2018
Slave Jessica get's enlisted in Basic Servant Class...
Genre: Femdom, Slavery, Maid Training, Fucking Machines,
Tags: Maid Training, Lesbian Planet, Male Chastity, Rubberdoll, Strap-On, Slave girlfriend
Production Notes:
Might take around 7 Months again, hard to tell.

The Script is finished, which means the first finished Full Artwork Pages are popping out and previews will be posted on my Tumblr/Pixiv/DeviantArt/H-Foundry.

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